For dock and trailer loading of palletised loads. A chain drive system incorporating pneumatically activated rise and fall chain and roller track.
This gives high speed accumulation and loading of full pallet loads for factory to warehouse short shuttle operations (less than 50km).
Complete trailer outloads in less than 90 seconds.

Improves vehicle utilisation.

Eliminates double handling.

Improves safety in the loading bay.

Reduces damage to the vehicle floor and structure.


A vehicle fitted with the Hydraroll Slipchain Conveyor can be designed to operate in many different modes:

With a Hydraroll Slipchain Dock

By itself, using a dock mounted power supply and indexing control box

By itself, using an onboard hydraulic power pack with pendant or infra red operating controls.
This integral powered loading dock/trailer combination allows freedom and flexibility to load and unload a wide variety of palletised goods in a speedy
efficient manner with the minimum vehicle ‘down time’.

Independent controls allow pre-marshalling of palletised loads on the warehouse dock, with or without a trailer being present.

Twin ramps align the trailer with the warehouse dock entrance prior to pallet movement.

The trailer receives electrical power from an external socket located on the dock wall; control of the pneumatic system is achieved utilising a trailer
mounted control box.

Slipchain conveyor drive is operated from inside the warehouse by remote panel control. A stowage box is fitted on the trailer for the power supply lead.

Technische informatie

- Pre-assembles load up to 30 tons, transfers from dock to trailer the full load in 90 seconds
- Dock comprises of a live roller bed and slipchain drive system which accumulates full load for transfer into trailer
- Trailer comprises of slipchain drive unit and Hydraroll Pneumatic Rollertrack to suit pallets
- All integrated by simple electric control systems with speeds up to 7m per minute
- Speeds up shuttle operation by loading full pallet load within 2 minutes! 
- Designed for wood, plastic pallets and slip sheet operations
- Used in bottling, canning, refrigerated food products, paper disposables and chemical industries
- Removes forklift from loading dock areas, saves square meters in end of line operation, increases safety.
- De-mans operation at factory loading area and distribution centre unloading area
- Fail-safe dock lock and levelling devices to suit client and loading bay operation
- No movement of load in transit