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Welcome to Joloda world market leader of loading technology systems.

Joloda International are the market leaders in truck & container loading and unloading systems throughout the UK, Europe and America.

Providing both automatic loading systems and manual loading systems to a variety of industries, all products are manufactured to the highest quality standard of ISO 9001.

Joloda Truck & container loading equipment ensures your cargo is safe and secure, reduces product damage and speeds up the loading process, which then also saves money.

Our truck loading equipment is designed to run 24/7 ensuring your logistics supply chain is run efficiently and effectively.

Joloda have worked with many of the blue chip companies such as Unilever, Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Fed Ex and Toyota to name a few…..

Joloda have been designing and manufacturing loading systems for over 50 years and have built up a loyal customer base. With many different automatic loading systems and manual loading systems to meet different requirements, you can be sure Joloda can provide the solution to your loading problem!


Joloda International have over 50 years loading expertise and have grown from a small manufacturer to an international market leader with more loading systems to offer than any other company in this industry.
The company was founded in 1962 when a Mr Johnstone invented the famous skate & track system. Joloda then won the prestigious Design Award for this in 1977.
Joloda then purchased Hydraroll and its range of loading systems in 2003, then established Joloda BV in Netherlands and Joloda LLC in USA.
Our expertise is in logistics and engineering and over the 50 years we have supplied 500,000 loading systems worldwide.
We have built up over the years an impressive portfolio of customers, from Unilever, Kimberley Clarke, Heinz, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi-Co, Coca Cola, Fed Ex, DHL, News International, the list goes on.....


The logistics environment is continuously changing due to legislation, vehicle changes and a move towards automatic and safer loading.
Joloda are constantly upgrading our systems and developing new loading systems to provide the customer a suitable loading solution.
The latest innovation Vanloda was developed because of congestions problems in inner cities, the government has restricted the number of and size of trucks allowed to make deliveries into cities, so the number of vans being used has increased and using vanloda makes life easier for van drivers unloading and loading.

Employee Skills

The majority of our employees are educated to degree level in Engineering, Marketing and Business Studies and many of our employees have been with the company for over 10 years so they have the utmost experience, some have even been here since Joloda began!

We continuously train our personnel through apprenticeships, NVQ's, IOSH and various other training courses. We always look for continuous improvement for our workforce.

We pride ourselves in our supply of quality products and have ISO 9001 standards in place. We have held the ISO quality standard for nearly 15 years now which is great achivement.

All our systems are rigorously tested before they leave the factory.

Customer Care

We have numerous Sales Managers in the field who are constantly visitng our current customers and also new ones to help advise them on the loading solution for them. They will visit prospecitve customers at their site to discuss with them their enquiry, advise the best system for them and reassure them on any concerns they may have. We prefer to do our business face to face for that personal touch.

We follow the same procedure when customers report a problem, we have a team of engineers on hand ready to go straight to the cutomer and investigate the problem.