Automatic loading technolgy solutions - JOLODA loading technology systems

Joloda - worldwide leader of automatic loading technology

Joloda has been developing loading technology solutions since the company was founded in 1962. Since then, the company has built up its portfolio with five automatic loading technology systems and is world market leader in these systems.

Our automatic loading technology solutions:

• Automatic truck loading/unloading technology
  • Automatic Slatted Moving Floor technology
  • Automatic Slipchain technology
  • Automatic Trailerskate technology
  • Automatic Powered Cargo Roller technology

• Automatic container loading/unloading technology
  • Joloda Container Stuffing system – with Hydraulic skates
  • Joloda Container One shot system – with Hydraulic skates
  • Joloda Container MDS Jacking system


Automatic truck loading/unloading technology
Joloda is worldwide leader in the production and distribution of automatic truck loading/unloading systems. We work with standard loading systems and customized solutions. Joloda designs, manufactures and installs a wide cross-section of manual and automatic truck loading/unloading systems from factories in Liverpool, Anglesey, the Netherlands and USA.

Benefits of automatic truck loading and unloading:
• Faster loading - saving time and money
• Elimination of product damage
• Fewer logistics personnel
• Fewer loading/unloading docks due to higher dock capacity
• Fewer trucks, trailers and drivers due to increased fleet utilization.

For more information, technical details and videos on automatic truck loading/unloading technology, please click here.

Container loading/unloading systems:

Benefits of automatic container loading/unloading:
• No need for expensive reachstacker - saving huge investment
• Improved Health & Safety
• Elimination of product damage
• Reduction of carbon footprint
• Fewer trucks, trailers and drivers due to increased fleet utilization
• Less space outside
• Reduced damage of goods and equipment due to controlled loading/unloading process
• Safer working environment for personnel.