The tailor made Joloda Loading and Unloading system at the Henkel in Vienna was designed for a specific need:
- Load the shuttle trailers as fast and efficient as possible in order to recude space and time in high output production facility in the Henkel CEE factory.

Within the FMCG industry, the focus on production efficiency in ever expanding factories is key to the company's performance. Logistics can be an underestimated task in these surroundings. However, Henkel clearly understood that a highly efficient internal logistics system between factory and central warehouse would be key to production efficiency and overall competitiveness in this field.

Together with a systems integrator and Joloda, the Henkel team succeeded in making a perfect solution in a confined space where prodution takes priority! With very efficient use of space a completely de-manned system was designed loading the trailers within 2 minutes! Instead of 10-12 regular trailers, the new system revolves around 4 dedicated trailers.

Other advantages of the Joloda products in the FMCG industry are:
- Loading & unloading within 2 minutes
- Complete demanned operation
- Quick Trailer turnaround so less trailers needed
- Short docking time so little space needed
- Environmentally friendly

Are you also an FMCG or Cunsumer durable's professional or are you looking for a loading and unloading system, Please contact Joloda and ask for more information!

Automatic unloading system Joloda Slipchain