VCK Logistics

VCK Logistics

‘One-shot’ loading system for increased savings and productivity

VCK Logistics in the Port of Amsterdam is the latest company to invest in a Joloda Container Loading system.
VCK is a multimodal worldwide logistics company specializing in container shipping.
Gulf Extrusion in Dubai export manufacturing aluminum profiles for many industries such as automotive, construction and trailers and they use VCK logistics as their transport company for shipping from Dubai.
Gulf extrusions purchased the equipment to use for loading the containers in Dubai and 1 system for unloading in Amsterdam. They purchased the systems to save time and cost in the loading/unloading as well as the important factor of reduction in risk of damage of the goods.
The material previously was loaded into open top container by an over head crane and now the one shot eliminates the need for open top containers as the load can easily be rolled in. So again more cost is saved by using cheaper standard 40 ISO containers which are also more readily available than open top containers.

Introduced over twenty years ago, the 'One Shot' container stuffing system enables you to load long heavy and wide loads into a container on the ground. By using a loading plinth you can load and restrain up to 12 meter long 30 ton pre-assembled load into your container in 15 minutes. The system requires no modifications to standard ISO containers. The system is reusable for the next container at the loading or unloading point.

The system consists of portable re-useable track in which runs a set of hydraulic skates of a length to suit the load length. The skates are elevated by means of a hydraulic pump. The load becomes live and is simply rolled into the container. The skate & track is then removed and the container doors are closed leaving only the product inside the container.

Rolf Van Strijbos, Terminal Manager at VCK logistics states that the Joloda system creates a more efficient loading and unloading process for the customer as well as significant cost savings.