Joloda provide world-class solutions for truck and container loading and unloading. In the ultra-competitive logistics environment, Joloda International has clients ranging from Major manufacturers, System integrators and 3PL logistics companies.

Joloda design,manufacture and install a wide cross-section of manual and automatic truck-loading systems from factories in Liverpool, Anglesey and The Netherlands

Innovative solutions have underpinned the Joloda aproach since the company was founded in 1969. Steady growth colminated in the acquisition of the highly-respected Hydraroll brand in 2002.
Joloda International is a market leader in the air-cargo industry, newsprint industry, fast moving consumer goods distribution, automotive just in time deliveries and the beverage industry.

Joloda is active a the market leader in the European Community, Japan and America. Joloda´s stock distribution and servicing capabilities extend over 23 countries across the world.