About Joloda and their loadingsystems


Joloda’s resume

In the ultra competitive logistics environment, Joloda International Ltd. provides world-class solutions for truck and container loading. Joloda Hydraroll designs, manufactures and installs a wide cross-section of manual and automatic truck loading systems from factories in Liverpool, Anglesey, the Netherlands and USA.

Our vision
Joloda Hydraroll has a clear vision with regard to the market in which it operates. Our role is to be world market leader of automatic loading systems and our goal is to retain that position. This can only be achieved by having innovative and creative solutions and making sure your clients are given the best service they can imagine.

How has Joloda Hydraroll developed and expanded?
Innovative solutions have underpinned the Joloda Hydraroll approach since the company was founded in 1962. Steady growth culminated in the acquisition of the highly respected Hydraroll brand in 2002. Today, Joloda Hydraroll International is market leader in the air cargo industry, newsprint industry, and fast moving consumer goods distribution for companies such as Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kimberley Clarke, as well as automotive just-in-time deliveries and the drinks industry.

The market of automated loading will further expand due to the following macro economic trends:
• Rising personnel costs
• Ever-growing world population which needs more transport
• Lack of space in metropolitan areas
• Better and more technological solutions at lower costs
• Increased focus on manageable logistic costs
• More attention to clean, safe and controlled logistic processes
• More stringent Health & Safety legislation.

With 50 years of experience, Joloda Hydraroll is ideally positioned to retain its position as world leader on the market, continuously striving to surprise the world with its innovative and creative solutions.

Our success
The success of Joloda Hydraroll is based on a combination of innovative solutions and unrivalled technical support. Over 100 skilled employees and a worldwide network of distributors provide back-up levels our competitors could only dream of.

The elegant materials handled solutions are based on ISO9001 Quality Assurance systems and include fully integrated electrical controls. When it comes to technical expertise, Joloda Hydraroll can handle every type and size of contract, right up to full turnkey projects.
Joloda Hydroroll’s 24 hour spares supply and fully committed after sales service allows customers all over the world to receive the best customer service, also due to its large chain of stock distributors in over 18 countries. It has become market leader in the European community, Japan and America in the field of truck loading.

Brand names
One of the company’s many attributes are the widely recognized brand names Joloda Hydraroll and Hydraroll, both servicing different segments of the market. The brand names are highly reputable in the marketplace and renowned worldwide. Customers and potential customers in the transport logistics segment of the airfreight and newsprint market all over the globe strongly identify with these brands. They have little competition worldwide for their concept of selling into niche markets.