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How do container loading/unloading systems generally work? 

Loading and unloading container system
Introduced more than twenty years ago, the container loading/unloading systems allow you to load/unload long, heavy and wide cargos into a container on the ground. By using a loading/unloading plinth you can load and restrain a 30 ton pre-assembled load of up to 12 meters long into your container in 15 minutes. No modifications to standard ISO containers are needed. The system can be reused by the next container at the loading/unloading point. This system is used by numerous large steel manufacturers such as Maybe Bridge, Claas, manufacturer of large harvesting machinery, Vestas, producer of wind turbines, and basically anyone handling large awkward loads!

Container lifting system
The container lifting system, also known as MDS, can lift up to 35 ton containers, 20ft or 40ft long, off the back of trucks and lower them to the ground for loading/unloading. This system is used by many shipping and export companies around the world.

Benefits of automatic container loading/unloading:
• No need for expensive reachstacker - saving huge investment
• Improved Health & Safety
• Elimination of product damage
• Reduction of carbon footprint
• Fewer trucks, trailers and drivers due to increased fleet utilization
• Less space outside
• Reduced damage of goods and equipment due to controlled loading/unloading process
• Safer working environment for personnel.

Loading and unloading container systems:

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