Pneumatic Roller Track - JOLODA loading technology systems

Pneumatic Roller Track of Hydraroll:

The Pneumatic Roller Track of Joloda Hydraroll is specifically designed to withstand heavy and continuous weight when moving airfreight containers or palletized products into trucks and trailers. The principle of pneumatically raised rollers is only having the rollers available during loading/unloading and not during transit. It is the most versatile low height Pneumatic Roller Track system in the world.
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Benefits of the Pneumatic Roller Track System:

• More than 100,000 roller track systems in daily service at all major airports

• Loads and unloads air cargo pallets and ULD containers from trucks and trailers

• A rise and fall twin roller bed installed into the truck floor, elevating up to 13mm, capable of lifting 30,000 kg of mixed ULD’s / air cargo pallets

• ULD’s / air cargo pallets do not move in transit!

• This manual Roller Track System requires 20% less effort compared to a standard roller system to move fully loaded air cargo containers

• Provides maximum truck body space utilization for ULD / air cargo pallets. Standard track height of 67mm or low track height of 40mm

• External stainless steel box providing individual or segmental lifting

• Heavy-duty top plate available to withstand fork truck wheel loading

• The safety operator controls a fail-safe auto down facility via effective QEV (quick exhaust valve)

• Twin roller design and limited top plate roller opening, reducing debris by 30%, minimizing maintenance, and increasing airbag life

• 3.2m track modules and roller pitch, available in standard measures of 82mm, 111mm and 162mm

• Top plate secured positively to prevent lifting or twisting

• Extruded aluminium main channel, allowing for lighter and more robust construction

• Easy to install

• 16mm Roller Lift to aid pallet movement.

The two most commonly used types of Pneumatic Roller Track are MK21 and MK4. Both incorporate two new features, significantly increasing reliability and reducing system maintenance time:

1. Acetal Debris Barrier
This provides added protection from any ingress of debris into the air cell area, reducing the likelihood of air bag damage.

2. Quick Release Top Plate
The top plate is retained along the entire length of the track, preventing any lifting, twisting or bending, but can easily and quickly be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Standard Track Specifications
Standard Module: length 3.2m
Roller Diameters: 50mm; 38mm
Roller Lengths: 50mm; 75mm; 100mm
Roller Pitch Options: 82mm; 114mm; 164mm
Roller Bearings: pre-greased, sealed for life. Track supported by 1 1/2" diameter airbag with side or downward air connections.