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Sandd in Utrecht, took the first 15 in a total of 169 new Volkswagen vans in use. The Crafter vans are all equipped with the unique conveyor system Vanloda. This way, the mail arrives faster, more efficient and more secure at its destination.

The drivers of 250 vans head off and make 2 deliveries a week to the deliverers of Sandd. These 10,000 postal workers ensure that the mail is delivered timely and correct on the receiver’s doormat. Because of increasing volumes, loading and unloading the van becomes increasingly intensive and laborious. The new van offers more space and the new roller system allows the driver to load the pallets quickly and efficiently. With a simple hand movement, the pallet is moved inside the bus.

The volumes per trip are the large: 3 to 4 pallets, each containing about 4000 items. The new Volkswagen vans have space for up to 4 pallets. Without specific adaptations to the bus, the rolling system is installed. With this system, the space in the bus as well as the space on pallets is being used efficiently. This will also be noticed in the area usage of the depots. Loading and unloading is faster, safer and with less risk to damaging the bus.

Vanloda is an important step for Sandd in the further professionalizing its logistics organization. The conveyor system is installed by Autohaas Company cars. After the first 15 vans for Utrecht, 10 per week will follow to a total of 169 vans. For Sandd, quality is of paramount importance. Changes in the existing processes are aimed to maintain the quality of the deliveries. A properly operating logistical organization provides efficiency and cost savings for all parties. Sustainability is also considered: the eco-drive system in the vans generates a saving of about 10%.

Sandd (Sort and Deliver), is the Business Mail Deliverer of Netherlands and focuses, among other things, on the delivery of unaddressed printed matter, such as customer magazines, direct mail and periodical magazines. Also Sandd develops additional services to improve the results of its customers. Sandd has been active in the postal market, which is over 4 billion items is large, since 2001. The company had a market share of approximately 10% in 2010 . Following the acquisition of competitor Selekt Mail in 2011 this share increased to approximately 17%. It's headquarters is located in Apeldoorn.
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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is the market leader in the Netherlands. As an importer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the Netherlands, Pon's Automobielhandel BV together with the dealer network, are responsible for sales and service of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the Netherlands. There are more than 100 sales offices and approximately 90 service offices to be found, including 17 MAN dealers who sell the Volkswagen Crafter. Together with our dealers we are a committed partner and offer a customized product to the customer’s specific needs. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is an entrepreneurial brand in the way it has dealt with the challenges that a changing world offers.
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Vanloda, the mobile roller conveyor system for vans, has been on the market for some time. Supplier is Joloda BV from Venray, specialist in the field of cargo handling solutions. For this particular application, the supplier of the roller conveyor floor completely adapted the system to the demand of Sandd.
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